Purple Orchid Event Planning Testimonial

“PSA: A little lengthy but worth the read if you want to know about Paradis Photography and her thoughtful attention to detail! I received a note today thanking me for our assistance on her wedding day. The message concludes with, “One little thing that really meant a lot to us was Kristina bringing food over to our grandparents who were too hot/tired to go outside to the “cocktail area”. That was so thoughtful and really made us feel taken care of.” If it wasn’t for this lady right here, and telling me about the situation, it may have gone unnoticed. During her busy moments of capturing photos of the day, she took the time to tell me of the couple’s grandparents, and the attention /care they might like. Thank you! You helped me look good, and made the couple’s day in this experience. Love working with people like you! xoxo