Wedding: 5/6/18

“Chantal was so much fun to work with!! She kept us laughing and worked with us on our awkward posing during the engagement shoot. The pictures came out amazing and she got all the right shots and more! She was so flexible with us changing stuff the last minute on ceremony location and with the weather being a bit drizzly it still came together and was captured better then I could’ve dream of!”

Wedding 7/29/17

Chantal did an incredible job. Before the wedding, she was communicative and professional, and asked all of the important questions– some of which we wouldn’t have thought of! On the day-of, she was everywhere at the same time! She got so many great shots, and the photos came out beautifully. We just shared our photos with our guests and they have been raving about them. Can’t recommend her enough.

Purple Orchid Event Planning Testimonial

“PSA: A little lengthy but worth the read if you want to know about Paradis Photography and her thoughtful attention to detail! I received a note today thanking me for our assistance on her wedding day. The message concludes with, “One little thing that really meant a lot to us was Kristina bringing food over to our grandparents who were too hot/tired to go outside to the “cocktail area”. That was so thoughtful and really made us feel taken care of.” If it wasn’t for this lady right here, and telling me about the situation, it may have gone unnoticed. During her busy moments of capturing photos of the day, she took the time to tell me of the couple’s grandparents, and the attention /care they might like. Thank you! You helped me look good, and made the couple’s day in this experience. Love working with people like you! xoxo

Gardens Aglow Engagement

“My fiance and I worked with Paradis Photography for our engagement photos and could not have been happier! She took the time to get to know us and help us feel comfortable since we were new to the experience. She was very professional in answering our questions and guiding us through the experience! She got us our photographs back in a very timely fashion and we felt that the pictures captured us perfectly! It was an excellent experience, we look forward to working with Paradis Photography in the future and would recommend without any hesitation!” – Courtney

Wedding: 10/12/14

We loved Paradis Photography!

Chantal did such a phenomenal job with our wedding. Her preparation was meticulous and was tailored to our needs. She was willing to make multiple long drives to be able to meet with us in advance of the wedding and then to be there on the day. She also worked with us by phone before the day, since we live out of town. She helped us plan what shots we wanted and asked questions to help us figure out what we needed. She also talked us into a first look, which we didn’t think we wanted to do, but she was SO right – those are some of our favorite pictures!

Chantal was friendly to our guests and a complete pleasure to work with. She didn’t hesitate to jump onto furniture to get the shot she needed. She didn’t get in the way or make her presence felt during the day, but she was always available to be grabbed for a shot that we wanted. She also encouraged us to take as many pictures as possible outside, and now that we look at the pictures, we see exactly why and are grateful for her instincts!

Chantal was also tireless. She was there from 12 to 7 for the wedding and then eagerly jumped right in after the reception to take some night pictures with us. Her energy was amazing and kept us going, too!

Chantal’s second shooter, Nick, was also very professional and great to work with. It helped a lot to have two photographers to capture the moments of the day.

Now that we’ve seen the pictures, we are really blown away. The colors are vibrant, the emotions are so clearly captured, and the presentation is creative yet poignant. Chantal is helping us put together albums for our loved ones and guiding us through the ins and outs of the gallery. We couldn’t have asked for more and couldn’t recommend Paradis Photography more highly!

Wedding: 8/15/15

What a great experience!
We were able to meet and plan out photos weeks ahead of time, so photos during the wedding were a breeze! She was willing to try any pictures we had requested, which was great to try different bride and groom photos. She was always willing to accommodate what we wanted and upbeat to try something new!
The pictures came out fantastic!
The site in which she uses to download the pictures for purchase was very user friendly!
We got our pictures uploaded in a timely manner as well!
We will be using her for future events! 🙂
Don’t miss out on a great photographer!!!

Wedding: 10/11/15

Chantal was great – really easy to work with and unobtrusive during the ceremony & reception. She asked me about any specific photos we wanted captured, and worked with my large & complicated immediate family to make sure everyone got in a group photo at some point, which I really appreciated. The photos came out beautifully and I’m so so glad we ended up getting a photographer.

Wedding: 2/13/16

I highly recommend Paradis Photography! Chantal is a lovely person to work with and an immensely talented photographer. She did our engagement and wedding pictures and we couldn’t be happier with the results. As the busy bride, I missed so much but Chantal and Pete’s photos took me back to each moment and I was able to take my time and enjoy every beautiful detail. If you are getting married in Maine, you MUST have Chantal do your pictures!

Wedding: 5/21/16

Going with Chantal of Paradis Photography was the best decision we made throughout the whole wedding process! We met Chantal for our engagement photos in October 2015 and she was fantastic with finding the perfect spots for photos. For our wedding this past Saturday she was very accommodating with all the photos that we wanted and had a checklist that she went through to ensure she got them all. She thought of all the details down to the jewelry I was going to wear to placing our rings in my bouquet (one of my favorite photos). She was superb when it came to remembering names–I don’t know how she did it! I can’t even keep track of all the names of my husbands family myself. I thought it was going to be a challenge to get my grandmother to mile for photos but Chantal made the mood light and got many great photos of her!
I can’t rave enough about Chantal–if you are looking for a photographer for any occasion, look no further! This girl will not disappoint!