Your Session

Art is something that should be displayed, shared, and proud. Lets work together to create art work you love.

Southern Maine Portrait Photographer | Paradis Photography

Coordinate but don’t match. Everyone matching ends up looking like a sad version of ‘Who Wore It Best’. Keep the color wheel and background in mind. Accessorize and absolutely dress appropriate for the weather.

Speaking of weather… New England can throw some curve balls. I’ll schedule sessions as far out as needed, but if the day (or two) ahead of our appointment looks like it would be bad weather for tolerating (or my equipment) then we can reschedule for another time.

If something comes up, and it looks like you won’t make it to our appointment just send me a quick email, text, or FB message and we can discuss a rain check or cancellation fees.

Red Dress Dancer | Paradis Photography

For the kiddos…  it’s really important that they’ve had their naps and a snack before the session.  You might consider bringing along a quick snack in case they need a pick-me-up during photos.
For older children, it’s better if they understand this will be fun!  Some kids are a little shy when it comes to new people (especially ones that follow them around with a camera!) ideally, I’d like to meet up least a week before your first session.  This is a great time for them to get to know me before I start putting my camera between us.


For engagement sessions… remember that we are capturing your story, your love, and of course that new ring! Before our session try to squeeze in a fun activity you both enjoy. You’ll be relaxed, happy, and connected.


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