3 Ways to Manage Wedding Day Anxiety

Your wedding is a big deal. Whether you’re just going for a low-key elopement or a big weekend long event there are certain details you will be stressed out about.
Here are some tips to help you manage the stress and anxiety that comes with your wedding day.

1- Stay Hydrated!

Celebrations call for the spirits to be passed around and indulged! Which is fine, but please make sure you drink lots and lots of H20! Make sure you get plenty of water to keep your head clear, bloat down, and you’ll just feel better! Especially at a summer wedding the heat of the day alone can be dehydrating without adding a huge dress, activities, and alcohol it’s a recipe for illness and no one wants that!

2- Plan, and Have a Plan B!

If you have 2 weeks to plan or 2 years, the same rule applies. Get organized. Consult with professionals that have seen the inner workings of a wedding (and yes, there are inner workings!) to get their advice on what to expect, and how to best handle a situation. As a photographer I am often with my clients through the planning process, sometimes the rehearsal, most of the wedding day, and then we’re in touch for weeks and some times years afterward! Having a team will help you manage what tasks are to be done and delegated!


3- Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

I feel like a broken record saying this to my clients, but, at the end of the day if you marry your love- that’s ALL that really matters. I’ve learned over the years that sometimes couples are so worried about what their friends and family will think/say that they end up planning a wedding that’s not about their love and relationship at all. It ends up being someone else’s wedding. The truth of the matter is, you are the ones getting married and you should be the ones making the decisions. That being said, it’s not a matter of if something will go wrong, it’s a matter of what. Maybe Aunt Sue will fall and break her arm on the dance floor, maybe the ring-bearer will taste the cake before it’s cut, maybe a hurricane blows over your wedding. The point is, you will be married and this is all part of the story of your day. And it deserves to be documented, treasured, and a part of your legacy!


Chantal Paradis is a Maine wedding photographer offering wedding photography and engagement photos in Maine, New Hampshire and New England.

My 5 Favorite Wedding Venues in Maine

Lists are so satisfying, aren’t they? Listing my top 5 favorite wedding venues in Maine is actually trickier than I thought it would be! Each wedding I’ve photographed over the years has brought something special and unique and I truly don’t think any are alike!
That being said, here’s a glimpse of the diversity Maine has to offer when it comes to the types of places you can get married in Maine!

1- Coolidge Family Farm– Ok, maybe I’m a little biased on this one because the weather, the details, the love, the energy– every thing came together for Nick & Elizabeth on this day so perfectly!

2- Grace– This beautiful facade has the look of a conservative church on the outside but inside is romantic, magical, and has a cool feel with soaring ceilings and a chic vibe. In my opinion it’s a great choice among many demographics.

3- Shady Lane Farm– Ok, so another farm with another barn. BUT! This quaint farm has charm, utility, and a certain je ne sais quois that I think most people envision when they think of having that shabby chic barn wedding in Maine.


4- Migis Lodge in Casco, Maine- When I think of inland Maine I automatically think of Sebago Lake, so the fact that this darling camp has the facilities for weddings without that Lobster-Clambake feel that most flatlanders think of, is amazing. It’s versatile, fun, and down to earth.


5- The Colony in Kennebunkport, ME – The thing I love about this place is the history. From the maze of hardwood floors, the chandeliers, and floral wall paper this hotel is just so classy. It has the charm of New England with breath taking views, delicious food, and spacious rooms for your wedding.

Bonus! I just wanted to put it out in the universe that I would Loooove to photograph a wedding at Sebasco Harbor Resort!

What are some of your favorite wedding venues in Maine? Do you have a location for your wedding planned?

Chantal Paradis is a Maine wedding photographer offering wedding photography and engagement photos in Maine, New Hampshire and New England.

Top 5 Engagement Locations in Southern Maine

I wanted to start out this post with the number one place that I love to take couples to but figured why not build up to it?
So, here goes my top 5 Favorite Engagement Session Locations in Southern Maine…

#5- Perkins Cove– Quintessential Maine. This is seriously the stuff the postcards are made from!

#4- Biddeford Pool

Pretty beach-y, the sail boats in the harbor, and beach roses!

#3- Downtown Portland
I want to take another couple to explore the Old Port and find some fun new spots! Maybe we can find a couple of cool murals?


#2- Wolfe’s Neck State Park

I love how natural this place is despite being in ever-popular Freeport! A Lovely coast with a view of an island, lots of trails through the woods, and a lovely grassy field!

#1- Portland Headlight/Ft. Williams

This diverse place has the light house, rocky shore, beach roses, grassy fields, wooded areas, and even a play ground!

What are some of your favorite pretty places in Southern Maine? Leave a comment below!

Chantal Paradis is a Maine wedding photographer offering wedding photography and engagement photos in Maine, New Hampshire and New England.

Waxahachie Texas Wedding

There wasn’t even a pause when I was asked to come out to Texas to photograph Jamie and Zach’s wedding. I LOVE traveling and having lived in Austin for 6 years, I was itching to get back! _CPP6942-copy.jpg
I arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner. A causal dinner with drinks at a local restaurant where a room full of love, friends, and laughter set the mood for the entire wedding weekend.

Jamie and Zach have that kind of vibe though, they’re both laid back and casual but all smiles all the time. You can tell within moments of meeting them how happy and comfortable they are with each other.


The wedding took place at Park Meadows Baptist Church. The bride has been attending and volunteering her time for many years and it just felt like the right place to start their new life together. After some time in the Army Jamie was welcomed to the church community and years later they are the most supportive and loving people to surround her and Zach.
I want to share with you a little story about Jamie’s wedding dress. I teared up listening to this sweet sentiment. Jamie’s grandmother had set it aside to buy for her some months ago, but before she could purchase it she passed away earlier this year. Friends of her grandmother knew of her plan and gifted the gown. So sweet! Jamie wearing the dress her grandmother picked out was such a beautiful way to acknowledge this important matriarch in the Fulton Family. Simple and modern, yet holds so much sentimental value.



Jamie and Zach’s lovable chocolate lab, Max helped the ring bearer but brought so much fun to the wedding day!


Paradis Photography
Garter Toss


After the wedding we went on a little photo adventure to Dallas, Tx where we found some really cool murals and a fun spot to see the bright city lights put on a show.


I treated myself to some Shiner Beer, Chimichangas, Margaritas, kolaches, fried chicken, and even Whataburger!
I hope you enjoy your photos, Jamie and Zach! I can’t wait to see you again, soon!!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Park Meadows Baptist Church
Cake: HEB Bakery

Coolidge Family Farm Wedding

Finding a wedding venue in Maine isn’t hard. Any type of location you can dream you can probably find here! Barn weddings are extremely popular and versatile. Elizabeth and Nick chose Coolidge Family Farm because their wedding party and family could stay at the farm with them. That means less people driving home after a few cold ones, and more time together during this wonderful celebration!

I loved all the time and attention Elizabeth put in to preparing for her wedding to Nick. She hand crafted the bouquets that the bridesmaids carried, the centerpieces, the guys’ boutonnières, and various other decor around.

From the sage green in Nick’s bow tie to the blush pink of the bridesmaids dresses and the lace in the flower girls’ dresses everything came together beautifully!

However, Elizabeth chose a venue where the owners procured the details around weddings, love, marriage, and the namesake, President Calvin Coolidge.

On this perfect day in June family and friends gathered in the shady sanctuary to witness Elizabeth and Nick’s vows and commitment.
They partied until closing time in the barn and Mr. & Mrs. Berry’s fairytale started with love, smiles, fun, and their nearest and dearest.

Congratulations, Nick & Bitsy! It was an honor to capture your gorgeous day and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!




Ceremony & Reception Venue: Coolidge Family Farm
Bride's Dress: Galina from David's Bridal
Officiant: Rev. Jeff McIlwain
Hair: Angie Adams of Gorham Hair & Co
Make Up: Samantha Clark
DJ: GPS Entertainment
Photography: Paradis Photography
Catering: Moe's BBQ
Cake & Desserts: The Winey Baker

Chantal Paradis is a Maine wedding photographer offering wedding photography and engagement photos in Maine, New Hampshire and New England.