Dance House Productions: 2018 Recital

Dance House Productions – at City Theater in Biddeford

My daughter started with Dance House Productions a couple years ago as a 3 year old with speech and balance trouble. But she loved ballerinas and dancing at home. Her grace and beauty has blossomed and even inspired my other two children to join dance classes.

Miss Nicki listening to a student
Dance House Productions - Hip Hop
Dance House Productions – Hip Hop

As an event photographer I wanted to take on a more personal work. I saw how hard all the kids in the dance company worked for months on end. I saw how much their instructors cared for each child. Encouraging them to do their best, supporting them in and out of class. It was something that spoke to me as an entrepreneur and a creative person. The teachers, Miss Nicki, Mr Jim, Miss Joyce, and Miss Kaleigh all truly LOVE what they do. Their creativity, passion, and positive energy can be hard to match!
I charged my batteries, formatted my cards, and packed my bags for 3 days of in studio rehearsals, a tech rehearsal, a dress rehearsal, and finally the recital in June!

I had so much fun seeing these kids support, care, and encourage eachother just as much as their instructors had done for them all year long. From sharing coloring books and crayons, to playing hand clap games, to helping do eachother’s hair and make up the love and happiness can be felt all around.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to document this amazing event, and I can’t wait to see you all next year!!
For more information on enrolling your kids in to dance classes with Dance House Productions visit their website:

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