Photography and Nashville

Thank you, Johnny Cash, for the warm welcome!

Traveling to Nashville, TN for Imaging USA (a photography convention) was such an amazing experience! I’d always wanted to visit Tennessee (outside the airport!) and although going in January wouldn’t be my first choice, I decided to make the best of it!

I really wanted to find this mural! So happy!

A bunch of us Maine photographers (friends over competition!) pitched in to get an AirBnb and rental car to save on cost. 5 days of exploring Nashville, photography classes, an expo, and inspiration!

The Gulch

While we were there Music City saw some of the coldest temperatures on record. Not exactly what us New Englanders wanted to deal with when we flew south, but we handled it alright!

Pedestrian Bridge (I’m sure it has a great view but it was 20* and super windy!)

After living in Austin, TX for 6 years I can tell that Nashville is the next Austin. A vibrant music scene, culture, population boom, and so much to offer the young generation!

Lauren of LAD Photography and I

Although I was bummed I didn’t run in to Justin Timberlake, there is always next time! Haha

Cell phone pic in a moving car, haha
Broadway in the daytime.
We HAD to experience the nightlife.

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