saco maine wedding photographer

Top 5 Maine Winter Wedding Tips

b196-copyWinter in New England can be a beautiful time to get married or have your engagement photos taken. I’ve photographed my share of winter sessions and I’ve put together a list of tips for you to be prepared.

  1. Dress in Layers. I know it may seem bulky but layers like big warm sweaters and cute coats can really be fashionable and add comfort!saco maine wedding photographer
  2. Bring useful props. This goes along with the layers. Cute hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, etc. These items add a sense of warmth and style to your images.saco maine wedding photographer
  3. Take breaks. When it’s 13 degrees outside you want to make sure you’re not getting frostbite! Find a car or building to pop in to for a few minutes to thaw out!Maine engagement photographer gardens aglow coastal Maine botanical gardens
  4. Make it fast. Your expression says a lot in a photo and if you’re in pain it will show!
  5. Make the most of your location.

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