Engagement Photos: Making the Most of Your Session

Engagement photos have quickly become a traditional part of the wedding planning process. Typically couples don’t have too many photos of themselves together outside of snapshots taken by friends and family and selfies. In 2008 when I got married I hadn’t even considered doing engagement photos, but looking back I wish we had done them.
Being on the other side of the camera, I am increasingly aware of the importance but also the value these images provide to my clients.

maine engagement photographer

With that, I have some advice.

First, try to plan out and discuss what it is you hope to get from your engagement photos. Some people like to just show up and see what happens. That is totally fine if that’s your style. But if there is something special the two of you do together. A fun place where you went on a date, or even a little prop or pet you’d like to be included make sure we talk about it in advance.
Personalizing the photos will help you connect, but also make them that much more special to you.

Think about what you’ll wear. Again, you could just show up in your normal clothes you wore that day. You run the risk of not being comfortable, or not feeling put-together. Getting together a couple outfits to see how they fit and how you look together is a good idea. Also, shoes! Make sure it’s something you’re comfortable walking in and go with your clothing choice.
Let’s talk about the time of day. Usually, I prefer to do an engagement session in the late afternoon and evening because the sun is further down in the sky. This gives your photos a nice golden light, a chance for a pretty sunset, and no harsh shadows on your faces. Going earlier in the day limits those ideal settings, unless we’re talking about sunrise!
saco maine wedding photographer

We want to have fun! I know it can be a little nerve-wracking having your photos taken. Talking can help sometimes. Just having a chat like a regular conversation can help you forget the camera is even there. If having the camera further away helps, I can throw on a long lens and back way up. We could also incorporate some champagne in a romantic date night for your photos!

saco maine wedding photographer

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