A Birth Story: Baby S

The most life changing moments in our lives seem to happen in the blink of an eye.


Birth is one of those moments. The beginning of a new life. In all it’s wonder, splendor, romance, and emotions.


I drove about 2 hours to Southern New Hampshire Medical in Nashua, NH to document the birth of Miss Sylvie. I couldn’t sleep that night, even though everyone else in the room was catching a few Z’s.  I watched The Fresh Prince by mom’s side as monitors beeped and the blood pressure cuff inhaled and exhaled. Snoring could be heard and the smell of Dunkin donuts hash browns wafted through hospital room.

After chatting with the nurse about the contractions being monitored mom suggested they check to see if she had progressed any in the hours they had been waiting. The nurse checks and she is complete!  In the most relaxed, encouraging, and happy deliveries I was able to capture a miracle. In the middle of the night, at 3:43am the prettiest little girl had arrived and was quick to show off her dimples and mellow personality.


Mom slept and Dad stayed by her side as Miss S got her first bath. An absolute honor to photograph this labor and delivery. This new life. Welcome to the world!



Chantal Paradis is a Maine based photographer. Photographing weddings, births, and events in New England and across the country.

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