Things You Should Know About Birth Photography

Being pregnant is full of new and exciting (and some not so exciting) experiences. Watching a new life grow inside you is one of life’s incredible miracles. The first one, in fact.

Wishing to document that time in your life and the day your little one takes their first breath of air, their first birthday, is such a wonderful thing.

I became inspired to photograph births when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I had come across Lindsey Scholz on Facebook years ago. Her images are artful, intimate, and priceless.

I knew from my birth experiences with my first two children that while I think a wedding day goes by in a blur- your birth experience and child’s birthday goes even faster! There are so many firsts you want to remember and can’t!

The moment you first laid eyes on them.

The first time you held them.

Baby’s eyes squinting and blinking in the world around them.
maine birth photographer delivery

The first time you saw your partner hold your baby as a new father.

saco maine birth photographer

If you’re nervous about having a practical stranger in the room during such a private moment, I understand. Having your lady bits exposed with a camera around makes most people nervous. Know that I take great care to preserve your dignity. (I told my own photographer to stay behind my knees!) I will treat you as I wanted to be treated in those moments. I usually grab a stool and stay behind the bed. That way your support people and nurses can be by your side. I will encourage you if you want me to.  I will be as quiet as a mouse. I stay out of the way of your medical staff and will respect their wishes as well. Once, a nurse asked me to help by holding the IV cart while she helped a laboring momma to the toilet!

I also love to create romantic and beautiful maternity photos. In those last few months of pregnancy it can be hard to feel anything but huge (and hormonal!) but I promise I will help you feel confident and look great!

These months are life changing and part of your legacy that deserves to be documented. It is an honor and pleasure to photograph this time for you!

Call me today to set up your appointment and discuss your birth plan!

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