Natural Birth Photography

Having your first child is an exciting, nerve-wracking, and incredible experience. The day goes by faster than your wedding day and is a complete blur.

Photographing a child coming in to this world is an absolute honor. To document the day with photos for parents to look back on and recall the moments they could not fully appreciate- this is why I love birth photography.

Her water had broken and she drove herself to the hospital. It was no secret that she had a high pain tolerance. Some family were worried that she would have the baby with little to no pain with no warning. Since it was her first baby, no one really knew what to expect.


The doctors and midwives were comfortable letting her body do what it was made to, despite having her water break several hours ago.

She was able to eat, sleep, shower, walk the halls, and enjoy the company of friends and family while the anticipation grew.

Finally, after almost 36 hours of labor with her husband by her side, their precious little boy came calmly and joyfully in to her arms.

A family of 3. Welcome to the world, Ollie!


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