Wedding Hair & Make Up by Autumn Bellefleur

Autumn is a professional hair and make up artist from Brunswick, Maine. With over 10 years of experience and training Autumn has recently made the decision to put her knowledge online accessible at Bellefleur Beauty Blog. Check it out and send her some love!

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Make up tool kit.

Getting ready for your big day is a huge part of feeling like a princess.  Most of us girls have absolutely no idea where to even begin when it comes to how to prep ourselves for the wedding.  Don’t sweat it!  I’m here to give you some pro tips on how to look great while being stress free on the day of your dreams.

First things first:  what look are you going for?  Don’t stray to far from your personal style.  Trust me, you might regret it.  If you feel more like yourself with your hair down, then wear it down.  As for makeup, if you are a natural girl, go for a more natural makeup look.  You will feel pretty silly with a pile of makeup on your eyes when you don’t even typically wear mascara.  Next you need to find a style that will work for you.  You can’t expect your stylist to give you long voluminous hair if you don’t have that or aren’t willing to get extensions.

Autumn at work, hair spray before an anniversary photo session.

Now its time for your trial.  This can be a tricky topic.  Its very difficult to achieve the same hair style exactly the same twice.  As a stylist I tend to go over the idea of the hair more than actually fully styling it the way you will wear it day of.  Bring all of your accessories, a picture of your dress, several ideas of how you would like to wear it. Remember that your face shape etc. may not work well with the exact style– let your stylist tweak if need be!

Lastly, prep.  So you’ll probably be told not to wash your hair the day of your wedding.  It is true that second day hair holds a curl better, however; if you have incredibly greasy hair then wash it.  Make sure that you completely dry it before you see your stylist, blown out hair also styles better.  Even better if you go get a blow out the day before!  Relax, enjoy the pampering and let the professional you hired do her work!

Some brushes Autumn uses the day of a wedding.

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