5 Engagement Photo Tips: From an Engagement Photographer

The number one thing I hear from couples interested in having me photograph their wedding is that they want to do away with the complementary engagement session I include in my services. I always try to find a way to get together before the wedding because we will be spending a whole day together and I want it to go smoothly! Often, we end up doing the photo session months in advance. Here are 5 quick tips for the engagement session.

1- Make Time for Your Engagement Session.

I know life is busy anyway, and all the wedding planning is new and might be making your head spin. Treat yourself to a day where you don’t do anything pertaining to the wedding. Treat you and your partner to a date day where you just focus on connecting, laughing, eating, and enjoying each others company. I’ll only take up about an hour of your day and after you can wine and dine til your hearts’ content!

2- Wear Something Comfortable!

I think some couples (brides) fret about this part the most. I can assure you that it’s not really the time to wear a brand new pair of stilettos. Bring a couple outfit changes if you’d like, I don’t mind and don’t charge more for a different look. For some ideas check out this pinterest board. For the guys… make sure you’re comfortable, too! However, keep in mind that these images are meant to be timeless so leave the flip flops/sandals and baseball caps at home (or at least in the car).

3- Have Fun!

Let’s capture your love in your natural habitat! If you guys love to ride your bikes, go for hikes, or love to go to the library together I want to show that in your photos. Photographing your engagement session in a place you’re familiar with will help you to feel more relaxed and chances are you know where all the pretty spots are!

4- Think About the Season

If you’re having a summer wedding and only book your photographer in the winter before your wedding it only really leaves winter, spring, and maybe a little bit of summer to choose from. The further out you book your engagement session the more availability we’ll both have to schedule your session AND more variety in the seasonal back drop.

5- Clean Your Ring!

wedding rings| Paradis Photography #MaineWeddingPhotographer

I love taking close up photos of your new bling so bring that gem in to be washed and polished before our session! It will sparkle and look absolutely beautiful in those shots. While we’re at it, if you’d like to incorporate some props bring those along, too!

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