What Is An Unplugged Wedding?

If you’ve been planning your wedding for a little while, chances are you’ve heard the term “unplugged wedding.” A few of you have asked me how I feel about guests taking photos at your wedding.


The fact of the matter is, if YOU are okay with guests taking photos at your wedding, why shouldn’t I be? I’ve never had a problem (*knock on wood*) with a guest interfering so much that I wasn’t able to get an important shot (the kiss!!). Have there been some shots I missed because someone jumped in front of me as a candid moment was happening? Yes, but that could happen even if they weren’t taking a photo with their iPad.
saco maine wedding photographer
So please, if YOU don’t want your professional photos that you’ve paid for to have iPhones, iPads, and Uncle Bob’s camera in them– request an unplugged wedding.

Just Married- First Kiss! | Paradis Photography #MaineWeddingPhotographer

#unpluggedwedding #YourLegacy #YesILoveHashtags #IAlsoLoveJustinTimberlake

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