What Goes In to Planning a Photo Session

Recently an old acquaintance complained to her friends about her photographer asking for “even more money” to ship the products she ordered to her. While I can understand her frustration in that situation, it made me think that most of my clients probably aren’t aware of all the work that goes in to each and every photo session I conduct. Don’t even get me started on weddings, that’s 10x the behind the scenes work!

saco maine wedding photographer

So I thought I’d let you in on a little secret and some insight behind what I do to prepare for your photography session and how much I do after.

Communication. First, I find it very important to be available for my clients when they need me. You can call, text, email, Facebook message, or we can meet up to chat about your needs and ideas. The more I hear from you about how you’d like your photos to look, the better I can make them happen.

maine wedding photographer camden maine sunset anniversary

Research and Development. This is the bulk of the behind the scenes work I do. Recently I did a cake smash and 1 year photo shoot for a toddler. Mom knew she wanted bright masculine colors and a fun cake to smash. Her other idea was to have him holding a framed photograph from when he was a newborn. I went right to work searching for color scheme ideas, backdrop colors, decoration ideas, cake styles, and a local baker to create the cake. I often will research location options. We are pretty lucky that in Maine the scenery is so versatile so we could have photos taken on a beach (sand or rocky!), the Maine woods, a field, flowers, the city, a farm, you name it! That leaves a lot of work for me to find the perfect place for your photo session. I also keep close tabs on the weather. If it’s going to be too cold, snowing, or pouring rain I try to work with you to plan it out or reschedule.


Day Of. The day of the photo session I collect all props and supplies and load them in my car! After I arrive at the location we’ve agreed on I search for the best spots for shots, I see how the light is that day, and make sure we get as many different poses and scenery options as possible. I also do my best to position you so it looks like you have the place to yourself.

saco maine wedding photographer

Back to the Computer. When I get home I immediately upload all the photos to my computer, back them up on a separate drive, and edit the best ones. Often times this takes hours to comb through all the images and get them just right. For a wedding it is several days work!

Delivery! I love being able to show off your photos in a beautiful password protected online gallery. From there you can share, download, and order quality prints of your photographs. If you order any photo products from me I try to get them in the mail to you as soon as possible, but my favorite means of delivery is to hand deliver the package right to you!

saco maine wedding photographer

So, in short, there’s a lot more love and work that I put in to each and every photography session. I do this because I love to make beautiful art for your family to cherish for generations. I do this because your legacy is important and deserves to be documented. So print your photographs, hang them on your wall, share with your friends.

Much love,

saco maine wedding photographer

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