Seaside Engagement {E+S}


Have you ever met two people and could just feel that they are meant to be? That’s what it’s like in the presence of Sarah and Emmett. They make romance and photo sessions look easy! Throughout the evening I’d ask them to try out a pose and they would laugh as a little inside joke erupted between them and Emmett remarks, “Oh, she’ll love that.”
It’s funny to me to see how people feel like they need a lot of help with posing and not looking totally awkward in front of the camera. Really the trick is to forget the camera is there all together. The real connection between yourself and your partner rolls like the waves in the ocean. It’s such a beautiful thing to witness.


Speaking of oceans, Emmett is originally from Ireland! Apparently when you drive 2 hours to get anywhere in Ireland you plan to stay the night. Boston to Portland is about 2 hours commute and they crossed 2 state lines to get there!


When Sarah said Emmett proposed to her on Mt. Battie in Camden, Maine and they were after the sort of ocean views they had then, I knew Fort Williams in Cape Elizabeth, Maine would be a good fit.


Emmett and Sarah will be wed next July and we are all looking forward to this very special event! Congratulations!



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