A Birth Story {Charlotte}

Birth has got to be one of the trickiest events to photograph. Babies come when they are ready, so you have to be ready 24/7! I met with Charlotte’s mom a few weeks ago and we hit it off right away. I think being comfortable with the person that will be witnessing and documenting a very intimate moment is important, so I always set up a meeting. We ate dessert and swapped mom stories. It was amazing.
About a week ago I get a text from Charlotte’s mom saying she was in the hospital having contractions but that they were probably going to send her home. Eeek! That put me on high alert! I slept with my phone’s ringer on as loud as it would go, anticipating the call.
saco maine birth photographer
Finally, yesterday morning at 38 weeks along, my phone rang! I hopped out of bed and rushed to the hospital. You never really know how much time you have when it’s “baby time!”

Mom and Dad were calm but you could feel the excitement and anticipation fill the room. Their princess was about to be born!
saco maine birth photographer
At 8:24AM Miss Charlotte made her appearance in a calm, quiet entrance. Shortly after her newborn cries started up, only to be soothed by skin to skin time. Birth is such a magical event and I am honored to photograph Charlotte’s birth.

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