saco maine wedding photographer

Do You Have What It Takes?

DL12-copyPlanning a wedding is becoming a full time job and for a couple looking to get married this can get overwhelming and out of control. Many couples hire a wedding planner.- someone who knows the business, traditions, and other wedding vendors to help you make decisions and ease the work of planning your wedding.
Some other couples throw in the towel and elope, or hit the court house!

I’ve worked with many brides and offer to help my clients when I can. Here are three tips to help ease the stress of wedding planning.

  • Hire A Wedding Planner. I know, a no-brainer. If you need help finding a wedding planner, here are a few I recommend…
  • Work with What You Have. If you’ve already booked a professional for any aspect of your wedding (photographer, DJ, reception venue, etc…) these people likely have connections and experience with planning and organizing weddings and can offer some expertise when it comes to timelines, centerpieces, lighting, and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to ask, even if you feel it’s not their job!
  • Bridal Party. Chances are you’re close with others who have been married recently. Get together to ask them questions and look for resources! This can also be helpful to find what you DON’T want for your wedding. Maybe your BFF’s DJ ended up being a flop, your cousin’s florist was a no-show… you get the idea. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide who to work with and those experiences can help narrow the pool!dl19-copy

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