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Should You Have A “First Look?”

The First Look. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Instead of waiting until the ceremony to see your groom a First Look is a private moment just before the ceremony where you and your partner meet up all dressed for the ceremony.

About 1/3 of my couples opt for the first look for various reasons.


1- Reaction! You know you’ll get emotional when you see your fiancé(e) for the first time and to be able to have that intimate moment in private is important. The day goes by so fast and having a First Look is a great way to be sure to get good photos of you and your love together without having to worry about the officiant speaking or your Dad holding your arm while you get all teary!

2- Photo Op! Since you’re seeing each other before the ceremony it could open up an opportunity to do some posed photos with your bridal party and family members before the ceremony so you can head straight to the reception or cocktail hour with your guests! Everyone is always anxious to see the happy couple after the nuptials so if you get all your photos out of the way before hand you can get right to the party!

3- A moment to catch your breath. As I said before, the day seems to fly by. You have hardly slept the night before, you’re rushing around to geth your hair, make up, dress, and details just right (“Who has the rings? Where are the flowers? Can you grab coffee?”) having just 5-10 minutes with your partner away from the hustle and bustle might just be what you need to take a deep breath, hold hands, and remember what all your hard work has been for!

photographed for LAD Photography

Personally, I always urge my clients to go for the First Look. I believe it helps the day flow a little better and getting just a few more romantic images to look back on is always a plus! Of course, if you choose the more traditional route and want to wait for your partner to see you when you are walking down the aisle I am completely supportive of that, too!


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