3 Reasons to Get Your Family Photos Done Yearly

I don’t care if you have kids, dogs, cats, or horses. The beings that fill your time with love right now deserve to be documented. Think about the amount of time you spend caring for these people and pets. You should be able to display a gorgeous photo of your loved ones on your wall – large and proud!

1- It’s Fun. Or at least it should be! Think of all the fun ways you can document your unique family! I’m not talking about Everyone-Wears-Holiday-PJs but what about getting creative with your photo session? Painting! Color Run type powder every where! Hiking! A birthday party! Baking cookies! A bike ride! A family vacation! The list is endless. Seriously, think about what ways you can show this season of your life so you can look back and say “Remember when..?”

2-The Days are Long but the Years are Short. I have 3 kids of my own; so I totally understand the craziness, the chaos, and the characters that come up when you try to get a good photo of them with your phone. Let your photographer handle getting the shot and worry about if everyone is smiling and looking at the camera! And as for me, I dont mind if little Johnny has some cracker crumbs, 2 clicks takes care of that in post production!

3- Legacy. Recently I heard this word when referring to work that photographers do. In this day and age everyone and their mother has a camera on them at any given time.Personally, I have enough snaps of my adult life and kids to easily fill a huge hard drive! I find that the ones I get printed hang on my wall, or get put in albums. These are the ones that my kid remembers. Tangible objects hold more power than a glimpse of something seen on a screen. I want my clients to know that when their kids are adults and get nostalgic, curious, or want a giggle with cousins they will pull out those photos that they can hold and cherish way easier than the ones that get left on a cd or an old phone’s memory.


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