saco maine wedding photographer

When to Book your Wedding Photographer

I recently took a poll of my family and friends on Facebook just to get a little bit of an idea of the times of year people are getting engaged and married. I wanted to see if there was a general time frame people stick to when planning their wedding.
When I was planning my wedding I thought being engaged for two years was a good amount of time. I didn’t actually do any planning the whole first year we were engaged. I looked at some wedding websites and most to-do lists were for a year out. I figured I had plenty of time!
salve3-copyAs far as my poll goes it looked to me that out of about 50 people that responded the time between engagement and their wedding day was any where from just 1 month to over 2 years.
After taking a quick poll it looks like the most popular month to get engaged in is December and the most popular month to get married is September!

Taking that in to consideration, I would strongly suggest taking your time planning your wedding so you can be sure to get all the details just how you want them and not feel stressed or disappointed that your perfect venue, florist, photographer, or cake baker is booked! If taking 2 years to plan a wedding just isn’t for you then I would recommend putting finding your photographer in the top 3 of things to do!
Documenting your day is just about the only tangible thing you’ll have to show as part of your LEGACY!



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