saco maine wedding photographer

Ice Castle Engagement


A & D want their wedding to be unique, not like anything that they’ve seen before. When I came across the beautiful Ice Castle in Lincoln, NH I asked A if she thought that would be a good place to have their engagement photos taken. Immediately she responded with an enthusiastic “YES!” Much like the answer to D’s proposal!
We picked a date and set off on the 7 hour round trip to The Ice Castle.

iceautumn10-copy iceautumn2-copy

This magnificent structure is so amazingly beautiful. Families, children, couples, everyone- young and old came to marvel at the snow and ice.

iceautumndan-copy aulaice-copy iceautumn29-copy iceautumn19BW-copy iceautumn17-copy iceautumn14-copy iceautumn9-copy  iceautumn3

Lights and music are installed in the ice sculptures for even more creativity. A & D admired, danced, and snuggled during our time at the Ice Castle.


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