saco maine wedding photographer

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Photos Better

If you are looking for some easy ways to make your wedding photos better, here are five I have come up with. These are easy to do, and with a little planning can really make the difference between absolutely gushing over your wedding day and being mildly excited about these important memories.

1. Declutter! Whether you’re getting ready in a hotel room, your childhood bedroom, or a space at your ceremony location try to make sure the room is picked up. You don’t really want to remember the box of Dunkin Donuts Munchkins when you look back on your wedding day!

2. Professionals. Making your day run smoother by hiring professionals in the wedding industry will leave you and your bridal party relaxed and stress-free! It is a happy day, you shouldn’t be worried about where the cake is or the flowers or if Uncle John shows up to officiate.
3. Delegate. All too often I see brides that take on all the responsibilities of the wedding and it takes its toll. If you have to be the one to actually pick up your cake, do the bridal party’s hair and make up, and still get yourself dressed you will likely run out of time and be exhausted by the time you dance with your partner for the first time as newlyweds. Get your bridesmaids and family to take over certain tasks.

4. Location. If your wedding ceremony is in one location and the reception is a half hour from there and an hour from where you’re getting ready that is a lot of time your photographer has missed on taking memorable photos of your day. Try to keep this in mind when booking your wedding day venues.

5. Have FUN! Nothing impacts a photo of a bride and groom more than two people who are genuinely happy. You can’t fake that. It also sets the tone for your guests. If you are smiling ear to ear, holding hands, kissing excitedly when they clink their forks on those glasses everyone will enjoy your wedding and you will treasure the happiest moment in your life for years to come.



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